The five best Roxette concert moments

Yes, I am still in the Roxette mood. So many thoughts in my head, so many emotions to go through. Last night I thought about my top five concert moments that I experienced with Roxette or them as solo artists or Gyllene Tider. It was easy to find the top 2, the other 3 were a different thing. Here is my list:

5.) Roxette in Luna Park, April 4th, 2011

There’s not much to say about this one. Just watch – and especially LISTEN. And then watch the band’s faces, they are as dumbstruck as I was when I first saw the video. The South American fans ARE special, yes, so emotional, so deep and so loving.

4.) Roxette in Zürich, November 13th or 14th, 1991

Okay, hate this song or don’t – but THIS particular live performance is AWESOME. It shows what a great singer, actor and performer Marie Fredriksson is. She sings this song with all of her heart and soul. I love every second of it, despite the fact that I always skip the song on the albums. It sounds so damn outdated, that I can’t stand it. Anyway, this one has to be in the list.

3.) Roxette in South Africa, January 14th, 1995

This one is a personal favourite. I always loved this song live and furthermore I love Marie’s looks, her WAY of singing. I still melt away when I remember her singing this one live. It’s just really a very personal choice – I couldn’t point out any greatness, professionality, great sound or anything else. It’s just an emotion.

2.) Roxette in Berlin, June 27th, 2015

A magical night, as described in another blog post. The audience took over when Marie couldn’t find the words and Per couldn’t help either. Pure love it was in that moment. Certainly my top 2 moment.

1.) Per Gessle in Amsterdam on May 6th, 2009

We knew she would be coming, we were told. That’s why many came and made the journey at all. And then there she was. Her first ever appearance on stage with Per Gessle after eight years, after her illness. I never never never have heard people scream as loud as on that night. Handkerchiefs were handed, tears fell from many many eyes, goose pimples all around. This was a night to remember, to never forget again. There was a noise in this small hall, it didn’t seem to stop. And then she sang.


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